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 Sweet Dreams ((RP Story))

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PostSubject: Sweet Dreams ((RP Story))   Wed Feb 04, 2009 10:16 pm

Thunder rumbled loudly through the skies, waking a young Draenei girl. She sat upright, her eyes wide, her heart pounding in her chest, her mind filled with fear. Slowly she came to realize: it was merely the storm outside, and she calmed down. The rain plunged down from the clouded sky onto the tent. A flash shortly lit up her surroundings and she looked at another young Draenei girl, calmly sleeping in the adjacent bed. She reached out with her hand and softly stroked the Draenei’s hair, who then lightly smiled. “Having sweet dreams, sis’?”, she whispered, expecting no response. There was another loud rumble and the Draenei sighed.

She had been restless all night, troubled by nightmares. Nightmares of dark shadows with burning eyes, hundreds of them. There had been rumours of Draenei settlements being raided, some said by Orcs, some said by unknown monsters and others said Sargeras’ mighty legions had arrived on Draenor. Either way, she had been scared of losing her family, her friends and her way of life. Knowing nothing but peace and joy, she was frightened of the insecurity that might come.

The Draenei stood up and magical fire illuminated the tent with the flick of a finger. She was stood in a large tent; colourful, cosy, warm and luxuriously decorated. She opened a coffer which was located on the floor and picked a warm, purple robe. After getting dressed, she opened the tent and stepped outside. Her hoof landed in the sludgy earth, splashing some mud on her robe. The Draenei didn’t seem bothered and closed the tent behind her. It was still dark outside, although the stars were hidden by the storm clouds. A mighty flash of lightning lit the night sky and the booming thunder followed only a split second later.

The girl ran through the heavy rainfall, crossing a large camp. She avoided the tents and wagons, heading straight for her goal. There were some dying campfires, but there wasn’t anyone outside, except the watchmen at the outer boundaries of the camp. The Draenei suddenly stopped in her tracks and almost slipped, only barely managing to keep standing. She was stood in front of a prestigious tent; she opened it and peeked inside.

There was a warm, blue fire burning in the centre of the chamber which cast a blue light throughout the tent, and a male Draenei was sitting in front of it in casual clothing, eyes closed. The girl spoke with a soft voice:
“H-hello Nuraano, do you mind if I come in?”. Her robe was soaked and she was shivering because of the cold. The man looked up at her and smiled warmly.
“Hello my young pupil. Of course not, come inside quickly, you’ll get ill with that storm outside”. The girl nodded and quickly entered the tent, closing it behind her. She sat down beside the fire, opposite to Nuraano.

With a quick glance she recognized the familiar interior; there were many magical items, some she knew, and others she could not even begin to imagine the purpose of. The only other objects present were a large bed, a trunk and a large, comfortable chair she absolutely adored. The first time Nuraano had put her in it, she refused to get out, and when he forcefully removed her from it, she had cried with deafening noise.

Water dripped from the girl’s robe and hair, but she smiled at Nuraano, while quickly warming up by the fire.
“So how did I come to deserve the honour of your presence?”, Nuraano asked kindly. “I suppose it’s urgent, considering you ran all the way here through that storm”. The girl nodded quickly and took a deep breath.
“Is it true that there are Draenei settlements being destroyed? I’ve heard of the rumours, but whenever an adult sees me, they shut up. Because…”, the girl paused to think and then rattled on, ”I’m really afraid of the stories being true and… and…I couldn’t sleep all night because of nightmares. I don’t want the rumours to be true”. The fear was visible in her eyes; Nuraano simply nodded and rested his hand on her head. Her mind calmed and her heartbeat slowed down instantly, as if merely the touch of his hand manipulated her mind.

Nuraano looked at the girl for a minute, and then calmly started to talk. “I was afraid that the rumours would spread sooner or later…Too bad it leaked out this early. I have spoken with several Draenei from outside the Keyaari last week and there are indeed reports of raids on Draenei settlements. We’re not entirely sure who is behind the attacks, but supposedly it’s a band of Orcs. You really shouldn’t worry about them though; the threat will be eliminated by Orcs or Draenei soon. Trust me; we’ll be the last to be affected. Even if the Orcs would head our way, we’d be able to break camp and move on like we always do. I’ll keep you informed, on one condition: Do not tell anyone about the situation, not even your sister. You’d only spread fear and chaos, and that’s the last thing we need.”

The pupil had listened intently and now seemed satisfied, she smiled at Nuraano.
“I promise, Nuraano! Not even my sister will know. Thanks for telling me”. A light smile appeared on the man’s face.
“Of course I’d tell my favourite pupil. Now, get back to your sister, she’ll be worrying about you if she notices your vacant bed. I’ll make sure you don’t get soaked again.” He gestured with his hands and guarded her from the rain with a thin Arcane cover. The girl smiled broadly, amazed by the spell, and then quickly stood up. As she stuck her head outside the tent the lightning struck simultaneously with the thunder.

Lenara sat up straight, her eyes wide, her heart pounding in her chest, her mind filled with fear. Her bed was soaked with her own sweat and she shook her head violently as if that would make her forget about her dream. This hadn’t been a regular dream… It was more realistic. No… It wasn’t a dream, it happened. It happened decades ago, before Azeroth, before the Exodar, before the Orcs; before her life had been torn apart.

Note: Thanks to Shay for her brilliant input!

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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Dreams ((RP Story))   Wed Feb 04, 2009 10:18 pm


Love the story babe Razz <3 ))

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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Dreams ((RP Story))   Sun Feb 15, 2009 3:41 pm

With a deep sigh, Lenara sat herself on the side of the bed. It felt like she had fever, her forehead was hot when she touched it and her mind was clouded with confusing emotions. She could use Nuraano’s touch right now, he’d be able to calm her. “Why didn’t you teach me that damned spell, Nuraano…”, she mumbled to herself, resting her head in her hands. The Draenei focused, closing her eyes and trying to bring back the moment where he touched her head. “If I could just…Relive that moment, then maybe I can evaluate and imitate the spell…”, the woman whispered and then sat still for several minutes, remaining in full focus.

“GAH! This is horrible, it’d be better if I just…Didin’t think about it again.” she nodded to herself and stood up, taking clean sheets from the cupboard in the corner of the room. Quickly she replaced the soaked sheets with fresh ones and lay back down on the bed, covering herself with the blanket. She closed her eyes, still restless, but sleep eventually took hold of her.


The bright sunlight reflected in the expensive tableware the purple-clad girl was examining, she was sat surrounded by many treasures. This was one of her least favourite activities: evaluating ‘found’ objects and estimating their value. Sadly, for her, it was an essential skill for the nomads and all of them were obliged to learn it. The goods she had to estimate the value of were taken from the last settlement they had visited and would be sold to the next settlement they’d visit, along with everything they had crafted themselves.

They had lived like this for ages; they were nomads, traders, crafters and thieves. It definitely worked, looking at the riches they gathered. Dinner was a feast almost every day, everyone wore expensive clothes and jewellery, the tents were made out of the highest quality leather and they still had plenty of time on their hands. Despite this, they definitely weren’t lazy; much of the time they had was spent on improving their crafting and combat skills.

“Rather high quality, no scratches, finely crafted. I think we could sell this for a nice price…I think we could get about five Dawnstones for this, Vaen.”
, the girl said, a trace of doubt evident in her voice. A blue-skinned male Draenei approached her, his face looked friendly and cheerful, making him appear spontaneous and trustworthy. It was this appearance, and the atmosphere created around him, combined with his inflexible determination which made him the best trader of the Keyaari nomads. He made customers feel like they were making a grave mistake if they didn’t buy his goods; he made everything look like a bargain even though all goods were wildly overpriced.

“Oh, do you think so, Lenara?”, he asked, while he picked up one of the plates. Lenara only nodded slightly, knowing he wasn’t expecting her to answer. Vaen turned the plate around a couple of times then held a jeweller’s loupe in front of his eye to study the plate more closely. “That’s a job well done, Lenara. Very well done. You’ll turn out a decent Keyaari, if you continue to improve like this.”, smiling broadly while he spoke, revealing his pearl white teeth. Lenara beamed, incredibly happy she finally made progress on this particular part of her education.
“Thank you, Vaen! Can I go off to watch my parents practice their combat then?! Please?”, she asked, biting her lower lip and awaiting his answer. He looked the girl in the eyes seriously for almost a minute, Lenara quietly looked back all that time, then his lips curled into a smile again.
“Of course you can, girl. If you have time, return to me in two days. You’ve improved, but your practice is far from over. Go now, shoo, get from my sights.”, Vaen laughed, smiling broadly at the girl.
“Thank you! I’ll be there in two days. Byebye!”, she responded excitedly and waved him goodbye.

Lenara ran off to the northern boundaries of the camp, where a small crowd of Draenei was gathered. As she approached the crowd, the sound of metal clashing against stone reached her pointy ears. The girl’s unusually small size helped her to quickly find a way through the crowd, until she was at the front row. From there she could see two Draenei, a male and a female, who were having a heated fight. The woman, who was dressed in azure blue robes, moved graciously, releasing spells in quick succession. The male, who was dressed in heavy plate armour, continuously swung his two-handed blade at the woman with massive power. Despite both their efforts, neither of them ever dealt a hit. The woman prevented every blow from landing by using Arcane shields and the man deflected every bolt of magic with his blade. They grinned at each other, clearly enjoying the fight.

“Leeeeen’!”, someone yelled and suddenly Lenara’s sister flung her arms around her neck, hugging her tightly. Lenara looked surprised at first but then hugged her back, smiling broadly. “Sis’! How’re you today?”, she asked.
“I’m alright, Len’! You?”, her sister answered, releasing Lenara from her embrace.
“I’m good! Vaen told me I’m gonna be a good Keyaari!”, she responded, nodding excitedly.
“What’s so great about that?”, her sister asked, raising an eyebrow and poking her in the ribs playfully, “Oh, you fancy Vaen! Len’ fancies Vaen!”. Len’ gasped and shook her head rapidly.
“I don’t fancy Vaen, that’s a lie!”.
Someone sighed deeply near them and the sisters simultaneously turned their heads, looking at a large, yet rather young male Draenei, their brother.
“Arguing again, are you?”, questioned the Draenei with a low voice. The girls giggled and responded synchronous:
“Hey Gar. Do you even have to ask that?”.

Although the sisters behaved much like twins, Lenara was actually three years older. Exactly three years older, which was a funny coincidence and they both considered themselves some sort of twins because of it. Their appearances didn’t share many similarities, except they were both relatively small, both kept the same haircut and their horns were identically shaped. There were many differences though: Lenara’s hair was dark blue and her sister’s off white; Lenara’s skin was coloured dark purple, Yiira’s was coloured light blue; Lenara had an extremely small muscle mass, while her sister was pretty strong; finally, Lenara trained in the use of magic, and her sister fought purely with melee weapons.

Gar shook his head downheartedly, however he couldn’t hide his amused grin. “Of all Keyaari, I’m stuck with the two of you.” The girls giggled again and shared their ‘sympathy’ for their brother with a simultaneous “Awww…”. Lenara glanced at the two fiercely combating Draenei and raised an eyebrow.
“Have neither of them hit the other yet? ‘Cause they must’ve been fighting for half an hour now.”. Yiira looked at the two and shook her head.
“Not really, mom has been on the defensive most the time, so dad never manages to slash his sword through her defence.”. Lenara snickered to herself, this situation repeated itself regularly. Whenever her parents would have a sparring match, it would frequently take several hours before either of them was declared victorious.
“They should fight different opponents, they anticipate each other’s every move.”, Lenara suggested. The sisters and their brother all watched their parents struggle, while occasionally encouraging them. “Show them the power of magic Milaai!”, Len’ shouted to her mother.
“Slice through those shields, Kassar!”, her sister yelled to her father.

They stood there, observing, for at least another hour. Milaai, the female Draenei, moved graciously, manifesting a relentless flow of spells and movement. It was like she was performing an inexplicably complicated dance. Kassar, the male, fought in an entirely different way: it looked rather crude, as opposed to Milaai’s more sophisticated style. Every motion appeared distinct from the last, creating a sequence of separate actions, rather than one continuous flow. Yet with every movement he imposed massive power onto his counterpart’s wards.

It was not until sunset that the battle came to an end: they stood, face to face, Kassar’s blade near Milaai’s neck and Milaai’s hands placed on Kassar’s heart. “Stalemate.”, they both stated, grinning broadly at each other. What was left of the crowd applauded, cheering. The sweat pearled on their faces, their breath was heavy and quick and their bodies were shaking from the strains put on their body. Kassar stuck his blade in the ground and gently kissed Milaai on the lips.
“Quit making out in front of everyone already!”, Lenara and Yiira yelled, the former hiding her face behind her hands and the latter rubbing her neck while looking at the ground. Their parents responded with laughter.

It was then that Nuraano tapped the older sister’s shoulder, his face grim, and motioned her to follow. She gave Yiira a quick hug and then followed her teacher. They arrived at his tent and stepped inside. Next to the blue fire, which illuminated the tent, a familiar brown-skinned Orc had taken a place.

The Orc had been with the Keyaari nomads for several decades now although he kept contact with his clan and occasionally returned there. He was fully accepted among the nomads (who were at good terms with most Orcs). His shamanistic nature was exotic and unfamiliar for the Draenei; not a single Draenei had the capability to understand and control the elements. Whenever the Orc talked about shamanism, Yiira lost all attention for the world around her, fascinated by every little detail. Lenara didn’t understand the elements, for her Arcane magic was the only energy source she needed.

Nuraano sat down next to him, gesturing for Lenara to sit down as well. Raising an eyebrow, she seated herself on the ground and questioned Nuraano: “Why did you bring me here, Nuraano?”, she glanced at the Orc, “And why is Kram here?”. Nuraano looked at Lenara silently, wrinkling his forehead in thought. Then he spoke: “The situation I told you about a month ago has gotten…worrisome. Someone’s causing an uproar among the Orcs and they’ve been taught dark magic. Shadow magic. They are all cooperating under a certain Orc’s command, presumably the shaman bearing the name Ner’zhul.”. Lenara remained quiet, trying to deal with the information she was just given. The old Draenei politely nodded towards Kram, who then started talking in Draenic with an Orcish accent. “Da Orcs are gathering, I spoke to members of mah clan and dere is dis rumour. A plot from de Draenei against de Orcs, but I am mystified where dey found dis fable. I don’t know how much time we have before de dark storm comes; we must flee.”. Lenara stared with fully widened eyes at Kram, the shock apparent on her face. She was astonished, terrified…Her mind was hazy and she felt sick, she collapsed and everything went black.
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Sweet Dreams ((RP Story))
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